The History and Development of the Academic Writing Platform That Is Helpful and Beneficial

Writing academic papers is often a big problem for students because it takes a lot of time and effort. Students who face too many complicated and challenging writing assignments feel stressed and frustrated. They don’t have time for anything else, start postponing their tasks for the closest time before the submission, and sometimes fail to do their homework. It results in losing academic scores and more procrastination, especially if young people experience a lack of knowledge or get stuck in huge amounts of information they fail to process.

Students may start looking for a magic bullet to help them deal with their academic issues, are caught cheating or plagiarizing, and ultimately find themselves dismissed from the program.

We don’t want you to face such a gloomy perspective, so we have tested over a dozen paper-writing websites to help you cope with your disastrous academic writing issues. We were especially interested in those that provided free tools because most students are short of money, too. We have encountered open-access platforms that buy and sell ready-made papers full of plagiarism or poor quality. It isn’t the best choice, of course.

We have come across and enjoyed it. This paper helper platform stands out from the crowd. Our test drafts generated with their help have turned out to be excellent. So now, let’s look more closely at this platform and its features.

About The Service

The history of this platform started about a decade ago when Juli Sheller, a former college student and a successful app developer, decided to create an essay writer for free website to make students’ lives easier. The idea found its implementation in a set of tools for generating and editing on the basis of Artificial Intelligence. The talented team of web developers and designers continues to improve the instruments and further integrate them into the overall online academic databases.

That is why, when you enter the topic’s word, phrase, or title in a special field on the site’s home page and click “Start Writing,” you will get a well-structured draft of high quality within seconds. If you want to try something new, you can try PaperTyper AI, an AI-powered generator on the site. It has been recently improved, and now, after registration on the platform, you can generate even the most complicated research topics with its help.

You can also use Grammar Checker. The principle of its work is similar to the previous instrument. It checks the paper for grammar and spelling mistakes and provides explanations. You may want to check the paper written by yourself, so simply copy-paste your text into the field and get the result. The most important peculiarity of Grammar Checker is that it is available in German, Arabic, Spanish, French, and Italian alongside English. As the platform and its tools continue developing, other languages are forthcoming, too.

After you have corrected all the mistakes and typos, you may want to check your draft for plagiarism. Plagiarism Checker will do it consistently because it also uses AI-based algorithms. You will receive a detailed official plagiarism report with links to the sources where the system has found coincidences. It is helpful because you can cite the source properly if you know all the information about it.

Now, it is time to compile a reference list, and it is often the most difficult part of academic writing and a boring one. Requirements for punctuation differ for various formatting styles, and it is impossible to remember them all. Now, you don’t need to bother – the Citation Generator tool will do everything for you in several clicks. The most commonly used formatting styles, like APA, MLA, Turabian, Chicago, Harvard, and IEEE, are available here.

The platform is also great for further education and writing skill improvement. Its Knowledge Bank is amazing. It contains the latest materials on academic writing divided into sections for the most convenient search. You will find all the updates, expert recommendations, articles from prominent writers, and a lot of visual materials there. The use of Knowledge Bank is also free.

All Benefits the Platform Can Provide to Students is an amazing helper. About 100 thousand students who use the platform every month agree with this statement. About 30 thousand users use the tools regularly until the end of their academic program. So, let’s regard the advantages of using this website. They are the following:

  1. The tools are free.
  2. The number of sessions is unlimited.
  3. You can access the platform at any time of the day round the clock.
  4. The interface is straightforward and easy to use.
  5. All the most important paper-generating and editing tools are collected in one place and work within one system of algorithms.
  6. The drafts are well-structured and high-quality.
  7. The platform is legitimate and secure.
  8. All sensitive information is reliably protected.
  9. The company follows transparent Terms of Use and Safety policies.
  10. You can learn a lot from the site and improve your writing skills.

Final Thoughts

All in all, is a great academic helper with a set of generators and checkers that use AI-powered algorithms. This fact accounts for all the drafts and services’ speed, convenience, and high quality.

Therefore, we can recommend using the platform for those students who can’t cope with numerous writing assignments and tight deadlines. All the features and benefits described in this review are meant to help students improve their study-life balance, and the platform deals with this task with flying colors.